Exorcising the church

Site-specific - public art project - Book - Judson Memorial Church


bible pages (paper) / glue

Exorcising the Church Project is a site-specific installation on the front doors of the Judson Memorial Church. This large-scale installation has more than 800 pages of the Bible with historical images of the inquisition printed on them. The images of the series Martyrs Mirror made by Jan Luiken (1649-1712) – an engraving artist and poet, were incorporated and printed on the bible pages. This work created a kind of narrative drawing with a colossal impact on the doors. Religious intolerance and persecution is as fresh today as during inquisition times.


Exorcising the church project

Exorcising the church - paper and glue  

Exorcising the church (detail)

Exorcising the church (detail)

Book (after the door installation)

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